Erin + James Engagement


I met Erin A few years ago on a commercial shoot with Lululemon, she was super kind and great to work with. When I saw on social media that she was engaged I definitely hoped to be on the short list of people she'd consider photographing her wedding.  When I got to sit down and meet James and just get to know them, talk about how I work and of course, drink some beer and eat some pizza ( at Tripple Crossing!) I loved it.  I didn't ever feel like it was work, it was making new friends and come to find out, that is exactly what they wanted from their photographer. They wanted a photographer that would be a part of their day, not in the way or so outside that they never saw me. Such a great way to stat the journey to getting to know these two 

When we did talk about what they wanted from their engagement we had a few great ideas, we wanted to pick a few locations that mattered to them and them find a great place outdoors to have some fun.

We started at a brewery (fitting right) because that's where they met, and they had just recently closed on their house, so we thought it would be great to grab a few portraits there.

And then very high on the list was a photo with the old Interbake Foods building behind her, it has some deep personal meaning and those are always my favorite photos to make.

Then we went down to Forest Hill park which was beautiful! It was actually my first time to visit this park and I've lived in RVA for almost 7 years (facepalm). I had no idea what I had been missing out on. 

James + Erin are super special people, I am definitely lucky to have gotten to spend time with them and I can't wait to get to know them even more as time gets closer to their wedding.



Dennis + Karen Surprise Engagement

I was excited when Dennis reached out and wanted to photograph the surprise proposal to Karen, I don't get many opportunities to tell that story.  After talking we decided the best thing would be to go to the location with my Family and have us pretend that I am just taking photos of them so that I could get relatively close with my 70-200.  I even included a few here in the blog because it was just part of this story.  So Lindsey, Sawyer and I decided to go to Chick Fil A, and then head over to DogWood Dell Park where they had spent many Saturdays pick-nicking and going on walks.

We decided to get there about an hour or so early because we wanted to scope out the place and have a little family time of our own. I could tell that when they got there Dennis was both very excited and a little nervous, it was super sweet to watch them from across the park knowinf exactly what was about to go down.

As soon as he asked, she said YES!  They kissed, brought out the champagne and a few friends showed up to celebrate them. Exactly the way it should be, am I right?

I had mentioned to Dennis that I wanted to take a little time and make some portraits with them, just something a little extra so that they had some more photos from their time with me.  I actually very happy we did because it gave me a little time to get to know them better nad hear more about thier story.

And there you have it, it was a beautiful pre-summer day where I got to incorporate my family into an engagement shoot. I got to hang with a super fun couple and be there to make sure that they had photos to remind them of the love, joy, and excitement from their day.

P.S. Here is another story about the couple, these two are pretty rad! 



Christian and Kelsey: Sweet Hanover Court House Wedding

I so enjoyed getting to photograph Christian and Kelsey's super intimate wedding, the first wedding I ever shot in 2013 was simialr to this except it was at the Richmond Capital. It was the perfect little venue and the weather was great!

I also enjoyed that they spent some thoughtful time on the details, even though it wasn't a huge production Kelsey made sure that things like earrings, pendants, and the flowers all had meaning and looked great.

The joy that these two families showed for the bride and groom was so refreshing, there were so many sweet moments. 

During the ceremony there was so much laughter and quite a few tears, so happy to have had this opportunity.

These two... I just want to put cat heart eyed emojis on all of theeeees... And also big huge hearts...

Something else that I love is that these guys live like 6 blocks from us, there has been some good hangs in the past and I know that there will be more in the future.





Ryan and Jillian Summer Richmond Engagement session

I knew from our first potential client meeting at Rappahannock Oyster Bar that these two would be fun to work with, they were so much fun to share a drink and hear about thier story and how they ended up together. If i remember correctly they knew each other earlier in life and then had theier fast date just a few bar stools down from where we where having our meeting.

For their engagement they wanted to visit all the places that have been special to them and places that they frequently visit together. So we started on  and then hit a few other RVA favorites.

I really love the spaces that we have here in RVA, we can be in an industrial park and with a 10 minute drive we have the James River and parks like Belle Isle.

Next stop: BEER!  This is definitely something Ryan and I connected on almost immediately.  If you don't know me super well or live in Richmond you would know how much my wife and I love going out to the local spots.  Well these two also enjoye the breweries and would vist Tirple Corssing quite often.

The third spot we was thier first apartment We wanted to make a picture in front of the door , we snaged a few on the cobble stones close to here as well.

And last but not least we hit the Rappahannock Oyster Bar where they had their first date, it was so much fun telling thier story! I hope these images will continue to remind them of the love that they share.



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From the first time I met with Megan and Ian I knew we'd be friends, they are just good people. The kind of people you want to surround yourself with and hope some of it might wear off on you.  They were both super relaxed on the wedding day and just wanted to enjoy the process, please take some time and look through their story. I"ll do my best not to interupt it with too many words...

The above image was super special and sweet, Mrs. Jay LeCrone passed just before the save the date went into the mail box.  Already stamped she kept it, as a way to remember her and include her in the wedding.

Them deatails!!!

If I remember correctly this was Ian's fathers watch, for his gift Megan had a new watch band made so that he could wear it. This was so that they could remember and involve him, like I said... These two are pretty special.

There was some legitimate fear in the room during these images.

What a beautiful dress from Urban Set Bride (one of my favorite boutiques in Richmond) at the Omni Hote

So much to say here, 1. that card is RAD, the note inside was super special. (good job Ian) 2. these moments above and below are some of my fave, they are the reason I love shooting weddings. Pure goodness. 3. These first looks below were super sweet to witness, always a fan of the Father Daughter first look.

Had to hot the Virginia is for lovers sign.

And its never a bad idea to hit Sub Rosa, especially when it's part of the couples story.

I love when I get to shoot weddings at the Boathouse in Rockets Landing, the outdoor venue allows from some great options when trying to get different perspectives of a wedding ceremony. 

The views from that restaurant are pretty great too, Megan and Ian also looked so stunning!

And the reception was a blast, Ian played Rugby in College and the team gathered around and welcomed her to the family. Also... Literally everyone danced and danced and danced. 


DJ: https://www.musicdj.com/dj-chase-capo 

HMU: http://bridefacerichmond.com

Venue: https://www.boathouseva.com/event-planning/rocketts-landing/weddings 

Gifts: https://www.mavenmaderva.com 

Flowers: http://www.sassysnapdragonflorals.com/gallery.html 


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Alli and Dan

I had such a good time with Alli and Dan, when they told me how special their apartment was and that they lived above Proper Pie I immediately recommended that we do a lifestyle engagement session using both locations.  I mean how could we not go to Proper Pie... 

And then we went out and explored a Richmond staple, Libby Hill Park.  Such a great evening and a super fun couple to work with, I can't wait for their wedding!


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Rachel + Sujoy

Sujoy and Rachel were the second to last wedding that I had in 2017 and it was one of the most fun to be a part of. from her details to the super fun bridal party to the kinda crazy reception(in a good way)  I really just love this diamond cookie from blank

I also love this little girl looking at the brides dress, I feel like I would want this photo of my little girl someday... not right now, but MAYBE someday, she isn't actually ever getting married but I'd love a photo if her looking at dresses...

I also love this little girl looking at the brides dress, I feel like I would want this photo of my little girl someday... not right now, but MAYBE someday, she isn't actually ever getting married but I'd love a photo if her looking at dresses...

Some much white gold, grey, and silver these invitations were super rad. Also I think I am going to start carrying candy for kids, this mom knew exactly what to do to get her child to sit still for hair and makeup/

Some much white gold, grey, and silver these invitations were super rad. Also I think I am going to start carrying candy for kids, this mom knew exactly what to do to get her child to sit still for hair and makeup/

Not sure if you noticed how epic that dress shot was, if you missed it I'd encourage you to scroll back up a bit. Pretty proud of that photo.


Below is their first look, it was a super sweet and intimate moment. I was super glad to be thier, you also cant tell that they are both freezing. IT was SUPER cold this day.

Did you know its a tradition for the groom's name to be hidden on the palm of his bride in Indian weddings?  I didn't but Rachel shared with me why and its a pretty great story, ill tell you if you ask me to!

This reception was great, it might actually be one of my favorite from the best man speach alone. That guy had everyone laughing and had some wonderful memories to share.

This wedding was so much fun and I hope you enjoyed getting to look though just a few of the images of their special day!

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Ryan and Sara's wedding

I absolutely love being part of Ryan and Sara's wedding day, since become close friends and get to see each other a few times a month. Everything from the details, deep emotion, excitement and joy was present during this day. I always want my images to tell a story and I think these tell the story well.

The whole day was wonderful, below Sara is writing a letter to Ryan, the guys getting ready at their place and Sarah reading a heart felt letter from her father.

IS SARAH NOT BEAUTIFUL!!! I also love how genuine the these two are.


They opted to not do a first look but did want to take time to have an intimate conversation and pray for one another, it was a super special moment for sure.


And the party to celebrate them was amazing, both the bride and the groom ended up being lifted high into the air on chairs by their guest.