I so enjoyed getting to photograph Christian and Kelsey's super intimate wedding, the first wedding I ever shot in 2013 was simialr to this except it was at the Richmond Capital. It was the perfect little venue and the weather was great!

I also enjoyed that they spent some thoughtful time on the details, even though it wasn't a huge production Kelsey made sure that things like earrings, pendants, and the flowers all had meaning and looked great.

The joy that these two families showed for the bride and groom was so refreshing, there were so many sweet moments. 

During the ceremony there was so much laughter and quite a few tears, so happy to have had this opportunity.

These two... I just want to put cat heart eyed emojis on all of theeeees... And also big huge hearts...

Something else that I love is that these guys live like 6 blocks from us, there has been some good hangs in the past and I know that there will be more in the future.