From the first time I met with Megan and Ian I knew we'd be friends, they are just good people. The kind of people you want to surround yourself with and hope some of it might wear off on you.  They were both super relaxed on the wedding day and just wanted to enjoy the process, please take some time and look through their story. I"ll do my best not to interupt it with too many words...

The above image was super special and sweet, Mrs. Jay LeCrone passed just before the save the date went into the mail box.  Already stamped she kept it, as a way to remember her and include her in the wedding.

Them deatails!!!

If I remember correctly this was Ian's fathers watch, for his gift Megan had a new watch band made so that he could wear it. This was so that they could remember and involve him, like I said... These two are pretty special.

There was some legitimate fear in the room during these images.

What a beautiful dress from Urban Set Bride (one of my favorite boutiques in Richmond) at the Omni Hote

So much to say here, 1. that card is RAD, the note inside was super special. (good job Ian) 2. these moments above and below are some of my fave, they are the reason I love shooting weddings. Pure goodness. 3. These first looks below were super sweet to witness, always a fan of the Father Daughter first look.

Had to hot the Virginia is for lovers sign.

And its never a bad idea to hit Sub Rosa, especially when it's part of the couples story.

I love when I get to shoot weddings at the Boathouse in Rockets Landing, the outdoor venue allows from some great options when trying to get different perspectives of a wedding ceremony. 

The views from that restaurant are pretty great too, Megan and Ian also looked so stunning!

And the reception was a blast, Ian played Rugby in College and the team gathered around and welcomed her to the family. Also... Literally everyone danced and danced and danced. 








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