I knew from our first potential client meeting at Rappahannock Oyster Bar that these two would be fun to work with, they were so much fun to share a drink and hear about thier story and how they ended up together. If i remember correctly they knew each other earlier in life and then had theier fast date just a few bar stools down from where we where having our meeting.

For their engagement they wanted to visit all the places that have been special to them and places that they frequently visit together. So we started on  and then hit a few other RVA favorites.

I really love the spaces that we have here in RVA, we can be in an industrial park and with a 10 minute drive we have the James River and parks like Belle Isle.

Next stop: BEER!  This is definitely something Ryan and I connected on almost immediately.  If you don't know me super well or live in Richmond you would know how much my wife and I love going out to the local spots.  Well these two also enjoye the breweries and would vist Tirple Corssing quite often.

The third spot we was thier first apartment We wanted to make a picture in front of the door , we snaged a few on the cobble stones close to here as well.

And last but not least we hit the Rappahannock Oyster Bar where they had their first date, it was so much fun telling thier story! I hope these images will continue to remind them of the love that they share.