I met Erin A few years ago on a commercial shoot with Lululemon, she was super kind and great to work with. When I saw on social media that she was engaged I definitely hoped to be on the short list of people she'd consider photographing her wedding.  When I got to sit down and meet James and just get to know them, talk about how I work and of course, drink some beer and eat some pizza ( at Tripple Crossing!) I loved it.  I didn't ever feel like it was work, it was making new friends and come to find out, that is exactly what they wanted from their photographer. They wanted a photographer that would be a part of their day, not in the way or so outside that they never saw me. Such a great way to stat the journey to getting to know these two 

When we did talk about what they wanted from their engagement we had a few great ideas, we wanted to pick a few locations that mattered to them and them find a great place outdoors to have some fun.

We started at a brewery (fitting right) because that's where they met, and they had just recently closed on their house, so we thought it would be great to grab a few portraits there.

And then very high on the list was a photo with the old Interbake Foods building behind her, it has some deep personal meaning and those are always my favorite photos to make.

Then we went down to Forest Hill park which was beautiful! It was actually my first time to visit this park and I've lived in RVA for almost 7 years (facepalm). I had no idea what I had been missing out on. 

James + Erin are super special people, I am definitely lucky to have gotten to spend time with them and I can't wait to get to know them even more as time gets closer to their wedding.